02 August 2011

Tuesday and a note about names

I am fast learning that if I fail to respond to texts or emails, or show up five minutes late for something, people of course think i am in labor! But... Tuesday morning, still pregnant. The last day I have definitely felt lots of contractions and in general it seems as though Fred is getting ready, but not enough is happening to prevent me from heading off to the beach this morning :)

We also get lots of questions on whether we have thought of names. I am proud to announce that we have three, although none of them fit all of my criteria (to be more than one syllable, not in the top 50 most popular names and ending in a letter other than "n"). There doesn't seem to be a perfect fit? I think we just need to meet him and the answer will present itself. Until then, Fred.

Ok my beach chair calls!

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  1. Enjoy the beach! It's true, too. I wake up and check the blog right away to see if you went into labor!

  2. LOVE the blog Kristen!
    ~Amy & Jaxon

  3. Hooray! I'm glad you started this blog and I can't wait to meet Fred. Have fun at the beach my friend :)