01 August 2011

Jason's First Post

What an exciting time, we have "our very own" blog… & oh yeah a baby coming all the same week :)

I'm not going to lie it has been a pretty long nine months since Kristen & I found out the big news. "It's Official - Your Boys Can Swim!!!" Kristen's doctor excitedly yelled to us in December (well maybe not in those exact words - but as my new life flashed in front of my eyes thats what I heard…)

The next few months were filled with late sleepless nights, strange cravings & an overall transformation. Kristen "on the other hand" was a champion, i couldn't have asked for a better partner & mom to be. Never sick once, no obscure food requests & in general life as usual. Except now I had an on call DD for when ever we ventured out :)

As the weeks flew by we talked about how/what we were going to do to document the whole event & this is what we came up with… I'll apologize now, since its my first blog - I don't know exactly what to say/not say in the posts to come. With the ability to post from my iPhone certain privileges/ability to sensor have been taken away from the "Editor in Chief." ~ a risky move.

Thanks again for taking the time/interest & i'll do my best to keep you in the loop!



  1. What a great way to keep all of us from near and far a part of this exciting time!!! I'll definitely be a frequent visitor!! Love you both and I CANNOT wait to be an official Aunt!!!

  2. HOLLER I love it - Iverson and Jason I am beyond thrilled for you and your new Nill. He will be PERFECT!