14 August 2011

5 times longer

I have always been a very punctual person. When I have somewhere to be I actually obsess about being on time and generally have a good sense as to how long most things will take me. With Ashton's arrival I am recalibrating everything I know as everything takes five times longer to do! Yesterday Jason left for work around 11:30 am and I planned to be right behind him to go out and do errands. It took me 90 minutes to get out of the house. Why? First I got dressed. Then Ashton fussed so I went over and pushed the little rocker chair he was in for a few minutes. Then I did my hair. Ashton fussed, more rocking. Then I did my makeup. Ashton fussed and after rocking him realized I didn't know where his pacifier went. Checked the kitchen, nursery, found Tate happily licking away at it in the living room. Sigh (it's the only one A likes). Put water on to boil it and kill germs. Ashton fussed again, time to feed him. 20 minutes later he is full and burped. Dropped the pacifier in the water. Checked my diaper bag and refilled supplies. See that Ashton has spit up, changed his outfit. Turned off burner, cooled pacifier and gave it to him. Gather up everything I need for errands, returns, etc. Take Tate out. Check Ashtons diaper, of course it is now dirty. Change him, fasten him into his carseat. Takes two trips to get everything downstairs to the car. Annnnnd I'm off, finally. 1:03 pm. Good thing I didn't have plans.

Currently waiting at the New London ferry and heading to Long Island til Tuesday. First time our entire family of four has traveled together (Tate stayed home when we went to VT), Ashton and Tate are curled up in the back seat and sleeping on this rainy Sunday morning. With jasons help we were only five minutes late leaving this morning. Life is good :)

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  1. The Nill family just left the Hamptons and GrandMa and GrandPa B already miss their grandson Ashton.