28 August 2011

Ashton's first beach days, pool time, and hurricane!

Well it's Sunday afternoon and we are housebound due to Hurricane Irene. It's actually not that bad out, the rain has been fairly constant with some big wind gusts, but we are lucky that nothing substantial has happened here. For the first time since I've lived in Boston, they shut down all public transportation and when we left Long Island yesterday, they were beginning evacuations. Speaking of Long Island, Ashton had some big firsts while we were there the past few days! We went to the beach on Thursday for an hour or so, it was really windy so we had to prop the umbrella in order to protect Ashton (who, incidentally, didn't leave his carseat or  even open his eyes to see the ocean, but no matter):

Friday was much better, we stayed all afternoon and Ashton was cozy in his travel bed, which was under a tent, which was under an umbrella. Quite the setup!

With me

The water was rough because of the impending storm but no match for Jason...

After the beach, Ashton changed into his bathing suit and went in the pool (where the temp = 85 degrees so it was nice and warm)

The pool actually did make him a little upset/fussy despite how warm it was. But we gave him his second bath last night in his little tub and he LOVED it. He was so calm and you could tell that having the warm water run on his body made him very relaxed and happy, it was really cute. He will learn to love the pool too ;)

Well the rain has stopped but it's still windy out, what to do with the rest of this hurricane afternoon...tbd!

ps I have not fully learned the best way to optimize getting pictures up on this blog (moving from the camera, to iPhoto, then exporting, then uploading...) but you can click or doubleclick on the photos and they will open to their full size and are much clearer. If you didn't already know, I just figured that out!

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  1. Dear Ashton
    Poppy and Mema can't wait to see you again . Miss you . Also miss your parents
    Love you