02 November 2017

All the Boo-tastic Details! (Halloween 2017!)

There's a lot to cover here folks. Let's begin.

Part 1: Pumpkins
We got them for free when we went apple picking (and by "free" I mean they came with our $156 farm admission for 4 adults and 2 kids!). But that is beside the point. What I'd like to call attention to is Ashton's completely hilarious pumpkin that I thought could not possibly come out right. He did it all by himself and the result was amazing.

From concept:

to execution:

I think it's the tiny eyes but I was dying laughing. It is perfectly imperfect :)

The others came out as you would expect (ooo, pointy teeth, how original) and you can probably guess which one I did.

In fact I was intending to copy the eyeroll emoji - ah well. Still fits.

Part 2: Adornment
Let's get to the epic saga that was costumes. The fundamental component of any Halloween. The boys started the decision-making process last July and for a brief month, they would be superheroes. Of course, because their outfits from last year were in shreds and yes I would love to buy them identical $40 costumes to the ones we already had. But I didn't jump and good thing because Alex moved on and for a time was proposing random household items. He thought maybe he could be a lightbulb, or a ladder? How about a banana? He said "shark" right around the time that Target was having a half off sale at the beginning of October and I hit "purchase". (I like to think I'd let my kids be anything they want, but really it has to align with something somewhat identifiable and at least partially store-bought. I don't do homemade. Yet.)

The shark sat in the closet along with Ashton's Lego guy costume. He had picked that in September and stuck with it. We were done and ready.

Except then the boys watched Moana mid-October and found themselves possessed. I'm not sure if you saw my YouTube video but the music in this movie has both boys singing and dancing - it's quite a sight. Ashton then wanted to be Maui (shapeshifter, demigod of the wind and sea, hero to all):

And for Alex it was Tamatoa or die. Tamatoa is a giant crab with a blinged-out shiny shell who looks like this.

You can see the issues here. 

We talked and talked, for days, about all the other super-cool costumes out there (including the ones we ALREADY HAD) and finally Alex said "Ok, maybe a 'pweece'?" (police). Since his shark costume was a little too tight anyway, and he was increasingly into it, on the ripe old date of October 29, we went shopping.  

The handcuffs! The walkie talkie! The WHISTLE! He was in heaven while Ashton was in the corner sobbing because now he wanted to be a "pweece" too. I made Jason deal with it the next day while I went to Target and tried to get my money back for the shark and the Lego guy. Remember those? The employee was like "MMMM hmmm, I don't think so sister. Halloween is tomorrow", but I showed her my receipt and the tags and she had to push it through. Who returns costumes at 6:30 pm on October 30? ME. Boom.

Part 3: Other lead-up
We skipped a lot of Halloween events this year in the name of having no costumes (and also, I was not prepared mentally - once any sort of costume goes on, all bets are off, so I sure as heck didn't want to start with that five days in advance of the actual holiday). But if we had made everything happen, we would have gone to the Lilja dance, Zoo Howl at the Stone Zoo, the Spooktacular in Natick, the Brae Burn kids Halloween and one of Ashton's classmates' "boo-day" party. As it was, we managed just fine with Alex's parade on Monday:

And Ashton's K parade on Tuesday:

Which was not without a class party afterwards and I had signed up for "healthy snack" so, voila.

The green stem is a fork and inside is cantaloupe and clementine wedges. Shrug. They were cute but in all seriousness what kid is going to pick fruit on Halloween. But Jason was super happy that I spent at least $40 on all this anyway.

Something else that cost me about the same amount - my themed coat hook/shelf thing in the kitchen!

This doesn't merit its own category but I wanted to love on it somewhere.

Part 4. The main event.
Ready for it? My two little members of law enforcement - "watch out bad guys!"

After all that practice, we had our first run-in!!!

Apprehended. Thank god!

Once the coast was clear, our friends were able to come over. A plain Alex, chicken Crosby, police officer Ashton and minecraft Elijah had some pizza:

Lined up:

And off we went! Honestly I didn't bother with any of the night time shots. You guys know what trick or treating looks like. The interesting part is that Ashton is the only kid who lasted! The other three were all "Eh. Can we go home now?" while Ashton raced around the neighborhood and Jason struggled to keep up. He filled his pumpkin three times!! But I did manage to get these last two gems:

Happy Halloween to my two little mall cops. Thanks for keeping me safe! (Someday I'll tell you the truth about the whistles that came with your costumes. For now, they are still "lost" ;) )

19 October 2017

Calm before the October storm

I can't really explain myself but I've had no love for blogging lately :( Everything that I would typically turn into a post I am just like, meh. I am on a dangerous precipice because I know if I quit, I'll regret it. Mainly we have just been really busy. This school business is no joke you guys. Between both boys, the number of donation drives, birthday parties, class events, school picture days, projects, save-the-dates, sign-ups, "make-sure-to-send-this-in"s and overall things going on completely fills my day to the brim. My next two weeks are so beyond that I actually had to make a calendar on top of our regular calendar to fit it all. Let's take a look at the next 12 days! It's a little blurry but I can't figure out how to paste it otherwise.

There are three main issues. First, the Scholastic Book Fair is next week. This massive fundraiser for Lilja? Yep, I'm the chair of it. Binders and folders and webinars and committee members and parent helpers and to-do lists of information - it is way, way bigger than I anticipated when I volunteered. I'll leave it at that but it's been weeks of preparation already and it's simply huge. Second, it's Ashton's week for Family Week next week. He needs to make a very specific poster with photos and things on it, and I will be visiting his class on Thursday to share something special and I have no earthly idea what that is going to be yet. We don't have a unique family culture or anything that makes us that interesting sooo yeah, Kristen, good luck with that when 19 sets of kindergarten eyes are on you and waiting for something good to happen. Third, Halloween is coming. The costumes, the candy, the parties, the parades...I'm already on a couple sign up sheets for snacks and supplies and all that. Also, of course Alex's costume is too big so now I have to get him a smaller one, meanwhile I hid BOTH costumes because otherwise the boys wouldn't wear anything else and I don't want them getting wrecked before the one zillion Halloween things they will be wearing them to..Overall I'm just PRAYING I don't forget something, like the sticker chain letter that I have to copy and send out to a bunch of people but first I have to go buy the stickers. Definitely haven't done that yet and I think my deadline is Monday. Hmmm.

Not listed in all of this is of course the regular school schedule for both boys plus Jason's work schedule plus mine. But, what's the point here. Am I drowning? No. Is it fun? Mostly. I guess I'm just doing other things besides blogging lately ;)

The weather has been gorgeous and warm, the boys are doing great at their schools and I'm hoping my wild west book fair goes off without a hitch next week. But first, Grandma and Grandpa came for a quick visit last weekend we went out apple picking, here are a few pictures! I would say I found the biggest one :D

For those that have made it all the way to the end of this post, may you now enjoy this little musical dessert ;)