Monday, July 17, 2017

Ides of July

It's 7/17/17! That has to be something, right?

Anyway, this is going to be an all-encompassing photo dump of a post, basically. I slacked in documenting our July 4th week and since all we've been doing is going to the beach or to the pool, you're about to see a lot of pictures of boys in bathing suits. Don't worry, I'll distinguish as we go along.

Ahem. So we went down to visit Grandma and Grandpa for July 4th aka Jason's 40th birthday trip. We had an awesome dinner at Cowfish on Monday night to celebrate :)
(Left to right: Deirdre and Jeff Greenwald, Jason's bff that lives in Sag Harbor, Grandpa, Grandma, me, Jason, Karen and Berg who came down for a couple days too, Liz and Chris).

In no particular order, the rest of the trip:

Alex and Grandpa, I can't remember what this one was about. Off to a great start here haha.

The boys found some kind of sea worm/snake thing. It was disgusting.

Grandma making her pasta salad

Jason told us all to wave for the camera. Haha look at Ashton.

He did clear this!

Burgers and dogs for lunch

Cutie pie Jayden

Jason's 40th Fudgy the Whale Carvel cake:

Alex on the boogey board!

Being silly on the way to the beach to fish

They didn't catch anything :-/
Busy morning before the beach

The only time Alex gets Cheetos is when he has his toes in the sand ;)

Double cannonballs

And lastly, our four boys.

Don't look so enthusiastic guys ;)

Actually those are the blank stares of exhausted children. Grandma and Grandpa's house works every time ;) We really didn't do anything patriotic, we decided against going to any fireworks because it was past their bedtimes and sometimes even America's birthday isn't a good enough reason to miss that!

So let's see. We came home on Wednesday July 5 and on Thursday July 6, Jason and I took off for an overnight to BI for his actual birthday. We spent the afternoon at the town beach, then went down to Ballard's to listen to the country band, then after we got changed, headed up to the Spring House for dinner and dancing and we went to bed at like (gulp), 2 am or something. But we seriously had SO much fun, we also snuck up onto the balcony at the Inn at Old Harbor somewhere in there for some good old fashioned people watching.

So we came home on Friday July 7 and THEN I headed to the airport to pick up Kari Callie and Holden! They were visiting along with GG for the weekend and here are my favorite pictures from that!

Hi Callie! Alex welcomes you by shoving his foot onto your lap.

Bounce house joy (mostly mine, some theirs)

One of the nights, you would have had to have been there, Callie basically had broccoli for teeth. It was soooo funny and of course the boys saw me laughing and had to try it too.

Listen, if that's what it takes for them to eat broccoli, whatever ;)

Kids love boxes, it's just a fact.

And we went to Wayland Town Beach and also for a swim at Longfellow.

Three fish in the kiddie pool

Phew! So everyone left from their visit and then the boys started camp pretty much immediately. 

Camp (also at Longfellow) went all week last week and then the boys and I had a pretty epic weekend. Jason was gone for 4 days straight for the member guest tournament, so we made cookies, played baseball, hit the splash park, WTB twice, the pool twice, Dairy Queen, and the playground! 

We also got to see Karen and Jayden twice and overall this was just way too many photos for one post wasn't it lol. I'm all about documenting how we spend our days though and this was definitely an exercise in that!

Regular week this week, but things don't stay quiet for long...boys are in camp through Friday and then on Sunday, we head to BI for the week! Regular cast members include us, Grandma and Grandpa and GG, with special appearances by Liz and Owen, the Braydens, and our grownup parent friends Robyn and Mike! It's going to be a good one...