11 August 2011

One week down...

We celebrated Ashton's one week birthday yesterday - already!! I am happy to report that things have settled a little around here, I have not cried in two days and little A seems to be adjusting to the big world :)  Traveling to Vermont was a huge success, we were only there one night but it helped my spirit so much to be out and about. We are headed to Long Island on Sunday for a few days as well. I think as long as I keep things on the calendar I won't feel so overwhelmed. Jason has had the past 2.5 days off and will be leaving in about 3 hours to go into work - I hope this passes without incident for me. It's of course so much easier to have him home, for the help and the companionship (Ashton and Tate are both cute but not exactly conversationalists).

In other good news, Ashton slept in his bassinet last night and woke up twice to be fed. Both times I rocked him and put him back down and he fell back asleep. This is completely amazing (and I hope not a one-time thing) as up until last night he has been in our bed (or slept on jason's chest) at least once a night because he was fussing. Regardless of whether it's a faulty sense, I feel like I am beginning to get it and that alone makes me feel more and more like myself again. Don't get me wrong, I still haven't straightened my hair in a week and I pretty much have zero clothes that fit, but the "I feel like a mess" factor goes down a little every day. For today and at this moment, I am good :)

Jason's due to post here pretty soon too, he's taken about 6,334 pictures and videos so I'm sure he'll have some good stuff to share.

Love to everyone

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  1. So proud of you, what a good Mom you are. :) Ashton is so so so lucky to have you. Hang in there! Can't wait to meet him in exactly 3 weeks. XOXO ~Kari