09 August 2011

Road Trip!

Tuesday morning, off to Vermont so Ashton can meet my dad for the first time. The past couple days have been the hardest of my life I think, it feels really good to have Jason off for the next couple days and be out of the house! Just need to breathe a little. A is being quiet as a mouse in his carseat :)

So we have had some requests for more videos pictures etc, here are some of my favorites so far:

And yesterday, after trying his bouncer, his bassinet, his carseat, his rocker, and he still wouldnt stop fussing, I tried the swing. He's a little too small for it but it bought me four or five peaceful minutes.

YouTube Video


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  1. Great to see your beautiful eyes Ashton,and see you moving around. Hope you enjoyed the ride. Love GrandPa B

  2. Kristen - Hope you don't mind Liz shared your blog! You have the same swing we did and it was the ONLY thing that worked for Sophia when she was fussy. You can make it work even when they are that little. Just roll some blankets up and put them on either side and maybe you can get more than a few minutes of rest :) Congrats - he is absolutely beautiful!!
    Michelle Dinon