03 August 2011

3 am

Wow it's 3am. While my body feels like a warm cooked noodle, so relaxed (thanks epidural!) I am wide awake. They just came to check me, I'm 6 cm and progressing well, the OB broke my water and said it looked like i would deliver on her shift, which ends at 8 am. It's been an adventure so far, LOTS of pain (who does this naturally?!?!), shaking, etc... After all is over I will post the story beginning to end but for now, in a dark hospital room listening to our baby's heartbeat, soft radio, and waiting (in a good way) to meet our baby boy. I still have a couple hours of pushing coming my way of course, just wanted to say hi (and tell Jason sorry for proposing to the anesthesiologist, that epidural did change my life!)


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