02 August 2011

Ahh, the waiting game...

Have you ever been asked the same question repeatedly over & over again for an entire day?? Poor Kristen must have heard me ask her "are you having another one?" a hundred times today. On a positive note in between all those contractions we enjoyed a great day at singing beach!! My trooper of a wife packed up the lunch and waddled down to the beach for the day. At the beach & in my element was about the only thing that kept my mind off of what is to come...

Fast Forward to 430pm... As Kristen is on the phone with the hospital... I am frantically throwing every toiletry and lady product in our house into our "unpacked hospital bag" that was supposed to be packed & ready two months ago.

Relax... it was just a close call. Apparently Ki's hour long battle with the pain has subsided long enough for me to bite my nails, put up a quick post & disinfect the kitchen countertops?!? (yeah i know right? - insert your joke here)

Last Photo of Ki at the beach - possibly hours before delivery :)


  1. OMG OMG I am obsessed with your posts so this is how I get my news! Iverson - you're almost there, we all can not wait! I love you keep up the good work. From Chi-Town Traveler!

  2. You better substitute that word "waddle" before Kristen sees it lol!!! I'd kill you!!

  3. Eeekkk this is so exciting! Can't wait for Fred to get here. You will do great Kristen! Good luck we will be thinking of all of you.

    Xoxo Chera Eric Owen and Lexi

  4. OMG! so close now!!! You're gonna bust this labor out in typical rockstar fashion, I just know it! ;) keep us updated!
    ~Amy & Jaxon