20 August 2011

Happy Saturday Morning!

Our little family is having a somewhat lazy Saturday morning, despite that last night was probably the best we've had yet. Ashton wakes up every three hours, almost on the dot, to be fed and changed. After he is full and dry, we swaddle him and put him back to sleep in his bassinet next to our bed. It is usually a battle to get him to fall back asleep. He struggles against the blanket until he gets his arms out, and then he cries, we re-swaddle him and give him a pacifier. This buys about five minutes and the cycle repeats. Last night though he was a champ! He went right down all three times after being fed, no whining! It was really nice. Of course I don't expect that to be the new standard but at least now I know it CAN happen.

Also good news yesterday - we went to the pediatrician and A has cracked 8 pounds (8 pounds 3 oz to be exact). It had been 12 days since our last appointment and he weighed 7 lbs 6 oz, so the weight gain made me feel good because ALL I do is feed him! His little arms and legs are starting to bulk up - he has lots of tiny rolls and it's so cute.

Speaking of cute...here are some latest pics!

In his swing (his rabbit went for the ride as well as Ashton only takes up half the seat!)

Playing bocce with Dad

With Aunt Lizzie

In the most amazing stroller ever:

And yesterday, sound asleep on my shoulder :)

I think for me the funniest part is that Ashton has so many faces and expressions that he looks like a different baby in pretty much every picture. 

Off to start the day...Oh just one last quick note. My sister pointed out to me yesterday that in order to post on this blog, you have to hit Preview first and then hit Post. Not sure why that is, if anyone has had trouble posting - if you just hit Post, it will keep refreshing the page and nothing happens. So please try hitting Preview first and see if that works. 

Happy weekend! :) xo


  1. Those eyes! He melts my heart. You look fabulous too. Miss you tons!!! Love the pics/updates :))))
    Big hugs,

  2. I would love a copy of Ashton and you with him on your shoulder