07 August 2011

First whole weekend

Hi everyone,

As can be expected, it has been a really crazy few days/weekend as we have all adjusted to our new life together. I apologize to anyone that has sent me a text, email, facebook message or left me a voicemail that has gone unanswered- I have felt so overwhelmed by all the congratulatory messages, words of wisdom, and general love and support. It's been truly wonderful and I feel badly that I haven't been able to come close in keeping up with my responses. They say that having a baby completely consumes your life and let me tell you, there hasn't been time for one thing since we brought him home. Ashton has my constant attention at all hours of the day (yes, we are working off very little sleep and I've had a couple meltdowns) and I take everything a minute at a time.

Jason has been amazing, he does more than what I can even think of to ask. I don't know what i would do without him. Ashton of course is the cutest thing, I could spend hours just staring at him. He gets the hiccups, sneezes, and has about a zillion different faces. It's hard for pictures to even do him justice, everything about him is so small and cute, we are just completely in love with him.

Not sure where we will take this blog or if we will continue it - I think its purpose has been served but Jason might feel differently. Can't believe it has only existed for a week and how much has changed since the first post!! Thank you all for reading and being there for us, it has given us so much joy to be able to share everything with you.


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