24 August 2011

My three new favorite words and two boring videos (to everyone but me haha)

I've had a very busy couple of days and am completely exhausted! Yesterday I officially took my first "me time", without Jason, Tate or Ashton, and went and got my hair done downtown. At least now I don't look as tired as I feel! How funny though, I actually felt guilty for taking 3 hours off. I missed nothing (Ashton slept the whole time I was gone) but from the minute I left I was anxious to get back so it was hard to even enjoy being out. I'm sure I will learn. And then last night I took Tate and Ashton to Katie's house in Wellesley for dinner, which would have been lovely had it not been a complete d.i.s.a.s.t.e.r. Tate was barking, trying to lick the oven (while it was on! Pretty sure he burned his tongue), ate Norm's food, scratched at the couch, and in general was a nuisance. Ashton aired his first episode of "I have no idea what I want so I'm going to cry and fuss endlessly." I have been awaiting the premiere of this show and it finally arrived - the timing was excellent as it started pretty much five minutes after we got there. By the time I loaded everyone in the car to go home I was pretty much in tears. We all fell asleep, totally wiped, around 11:30 pm. Jason got home from work around 2 am, just as Ashton was beginning to fuss and wake up to be fed. I noticed his stirring first and before I could even lift my head off my pillow, Jason was there and said, "I'll get him." And those, dear readers, are my three new favorite words anytime between 12 am and 6 am. Even though I've heard them before, I have a whole new appreciation after such a difficult evening and am making it official ("I love you" still has the other 18 hours of the day). Jason gave him the bottle I had left, and I didn't have to get up until 5 am and the next feeding. Best thing ever, I love my husband.

So today is a much needed day at home to regroup and get ready to for our Long Island trip (we have an 8 pm ferry tonight and come back on Saturday morning). I'm praying for some nice beach weather, Ashton has a tent, a travel bed, and the cutest little bathing suit with a built in diaper so even if we make it there for 15 minutes I will consider it a success.

Back to today - Ashton is back to his usual cute self, just sitting up in his little chair, blinking and looking around. I put him on his playmat and he is finally starting to focus on the shapes, the noise, and the colors of all the dangling "treetop friends". Here is a video, in which absolutely nothing happens so you've been warned :) About half way through he sees me and starts to focus on that rather than the owl, etc. Looks like we might have a new ham in the family (which he most definitely gets from his dad!). 

And then I flipped him over for some tummy time to help him develop his neck muscles. It's truly amazing how much time I spent just watching him bob around and occasionally lift his head. So amazing, in fact, that I'm not going to tell you how much. 

That's all for today. I have a lot to pack up this afternoon and if there's one thing I have learned, it's to estimate how much time my to-do list will take and then multiply that by 1,000. I better get going!

p.s. do these videos look different than the other ones that were posted through YouTube? I'd love some feedback- better? worse?


  1. Little A is a seasoned traveler already! It was so nice to see you guys this week. I knew you would have him at the beach in no time. Have fun and maybe you can sneak in a pedicure while Mrs. B. is watching him!!