03 January 2012

Big day around here!

This morning started out as Ashton's 5 month birthday. It ended as his 15 minutes of fame! Based on my previous posts and the state trooper arrest scandal, it has just been a parade of reporters and the doorbell has not stopped ringing all day. This must be what it feels like to be famous. Our downstairs neighbors had multiple messages on their machine wanting to get in touch with me (they have a listed landline), every time Jason answered the door the question was: "Where's Kristen?" Everyone wants to know what I saw and they especially want my video footage of the arrest. Believe it or not, I have had a hard time deciding what to do. Yesterday morning I gave my one interview (with Ashton of course!) and gave Channel 7 my video. Jason was very noble today and fielded four other channels that came to our doorstep, graciously taking interviews on my behalf (this is a lie: he couldn't wait to get on camera too, he's quite the ham if you didn't already know ;) ). So Ashton and I premiered at noon on Channel 7, and Jason showed up on every other channel at 5 and 6...Jason was so funny, he said to me, "Between the three of us, we are public enemy number 1!" We're releasing our videos, giving interviews and basically blowing this up! 

But here's a question. I had a way better video than Jason and I did not give it to anyone other than Channel 7. Including Jason. Every reporter that showed up today wanted my video and I left it to Jason to say "No, Kristen is not available and no, I don't have her video". [Look at me, I'm so famous I refuse interviews! haha. It was mainly because I looked like crap and didn't want to be on camera. But also I was tired of talking about it.] Anyway, I found myself not wanting to give out my video to every reporter. I felt I had already released it to Channel 7 and I didn't want to be a news whore, just giving it up to anyone who came a-knockin. So I hope Byron Barnett at 7 News appreciates that he has the exclusive!! He probably doesn't of course because while this is a huge brush of fame for 346 Trapelo Rd, in the grand scheme of things this is one small news story on one small day for him. In any event, any news station in Boston talking about the state trooper's arrest and extortion case will have some photo, video, or interview because of (and including) me, Jason and/or Ashton. It's a family affair.

And now there's only one thing left to do. We need to get Ashton an agent, and ASAP. He was so cute in his first TV appearance that we're bound to be flooded with calls :)  5 months suits him quite well, he's always camera-ready and his little blond buzz cut is to die for. Plus, he's so eloquent: could there be any questions left when your interview subject makes these kinds of noises??

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  1. So much to say!!! I wonder what it all means ?!? He is sooooooo cute :)