01 January 2012

Happy New Year

It was a quiet one around here! Jason had to work and Tate and Ashton fell asleep pretty early - Katie came over for dinner but after that, it was just me. Not too different from last year as I was alone then too, but had just found out I was pregnant so at least this year I got to have a glass of wine. Oh, did I say that my night last night was quiet? I meant at least until Ashton woke up for the first time. Three nights ago I had posted that I was officially sleep training him and he was just going to have to cry it out. I was not going into his room until 5 am if I knew he was otherwise okay but just looking for comfort and attention. Well Night #1 he cried from 11:15 pm to 1 am and then I gave in :( Night #2 he slept from 7 pm-4 am and I was so proud of him that I happily responded to the monitor even though it was an hour before my deadline. And then last night, #3. He woke up at midnight on the dot, WAILING, and cried until 1:30 am. Then he woke up again at 3:30 am and cried til 4:45 am. At that point he fell asleep til almost 7 am which I was happy with but those two crying spells were pretty tough to take. Luckily my new iPhone 4s kept me company, we played scrabble and watched funny YouTube videos while Ashton's cries went on and on. It was pretty miserable :( I watched him from my bed and did not give up or give in. Tonight is #4 (really #2, I feel like last night was the first successful training night), he went to sleep at 6:15 pm and I have no idea what I will get tonight. I tried to tell Ashton that his new year's resolution was to sleep more, we'll see if he heard me.

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  1. Hearing a baby cry it out SUCKS but trust me, its almost over if it isn't already and everyone will be sleeping!! Happy Dreams! Joelle