24 January 2012

Solids: Take 2

We decided to try again with solids today. Skipping the totally gross, nutritionally deficient rice cereal that Ashton hated last time, he had...avocado! He was much more ready for it this time around, he opened his mouth and actually ate a lot more than I thought he would, swallowing and everything vs. just spitting it back out. Here are a few pictures, getting ready to try it, the initial reaction (not good) and then...mmmm, I like this!!

I did take a few videos (which are action packed as you would expect!) but due to technical difficulties I can't seem to post them. Let's just say this kid will be eating guacamole in no time.

In other news, thanks to everyone who has sympathized with me about Tate being gone. We made it up to Vermont and, to be expected, he is having some little adjustment troubles but hopefully will settle down soon. It is VERY weird not having him around the house, laying on the couch, trying to eat things off the counter, etc. Today was 50 degrees and I thought a few times about how much I would have loved to take him for a walk. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure what I want the outcome of our experiment to be. If Ashton clears up, it would be great to know the cause of his rash and itching. But, what does that mean for Tate? Similarly, if Ashton's allergy remains a mystery, at least we can feel good about having Tate around and having Ashton grow up with him. There are pros and cons to both. So far there have been no major developments...

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