30 January 2012

New stuff

I confess, I'm cheating on this blog post. I'm very busy watching the Bachelor but realized I haven't blogged in awhile. The least I can do is upload some new media (apologies in advance for any Facebook duplicates)...

New pictures first:

And new videos (again, these won't win any oscars so don't expect to be on the edge of your seat :) )

Ashton has learned how to shake it!

He gets very vigorous and has hit himself in the head a couple of times.

Also, like all babies, he loves music. We are actually in a music class every Tuesday with a few other babies. For the record, Ashton does not often watch TV (usually Giants only) but at the end of the day he is often fussy and sometimes it quiets him down/distracts him. This was today...

I promise my next post will be better. We are headed back to the dermatologist tomorrow because his rash persists and he is so itchy. Hopefully they will give me new tips for managing his eczema if that's what it is (papa I will email you separately some pictures).

Okay back to the Bachelor. Silly roses, overuse of the words "finding love", "journey" and "connection", and yet I always watch!!

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  1. Seriously... How could he not be engaged in a violin rendition of "welcome to the jungle?" Sooo cute!!!