21 January 2012


I think our beloved dog Tate deserves a little airtime right now. After all, he will be four on Monday and has been very gracious to let Ashton completely dominate this blog. There are lots of fun things you should know about Tate. First, he LOVES dinner:

Second, he was a very cute puppy.

Third, he loves to go to the park with his ball.

He chooses Jason's pillow every time. Everyone could really learn a lesson or two from Tate on how to truly get comfortable.

He enjoys the culinary arts.

And holidays.

He loves warm laundry. I found him like this after putting the basket down and going to check on Ashton.

He has ruined our couch cushions.

He and Jason have done a little bit of modeling together.

Despite how this picture looks, he actually hates riding in the car and frequently suffers from motion sickness.

Tate can fish.

I could go on and on but most importantly, he is a big brother.

It is with huge tears in my eyes that I post this because tomorrow I am taking Tate to Vermont to stay with my dad for a little while. Ashton has continually had so many problems with allergies and I can't watch him suffer any longer. I have to know if Tate is the true cause and the only way to find out is to get him out of the house and see if Ashton gets better. Of course, if he does get better, well I can't even begin to talk about the implications of that right now. So, all my readers out there with dogs, please support me through this because as much as Tate can be a huge pain sometimes, he is totally a member of the family and I know everyone knows how much I love him. I am going to miss him very much.


  1. Oh dear I had no idea you were revisiting the Tate to VT thing. :( Hang in there- Tate will be in very good hands during this experiment! I bet he will love the time with Luna & a big yard to romp around in. :)

  2. LOVED the Tate tribute. Good luck.