26 June 2017

Before and After: Master Bedroom

Wheeeeee! We have a grown up bedroom! Moody paint and all!

There was not too much "construction" that happened in here (Jason did build out the closet and put the drawers in the cabinet in this post) - it was mainly decor. The annoying thing about moving in to a house that is way bigger than your last one is all the stuff you need to buy to turn it into "home". We are coming up on 2 years and I still have some empty wall space waiting for the perfect print, a spot for a grandfather clock, etc etc. But either you can't find what you want or it costs too much or both. So things happen a little at a time, amiright?

And FINALLY, our window treatments have been swapped out and our curtain panels were hung for the finishing touches in our bedroom. EEEEE, ready for the pics??







It's kind of hard to get the full picture because the light from the windows was tough on the camera. But one final before (the listing photo):

And after:

I totally love it! The paint color is called Willow Creek by Benjamin Moore which is a brownish gray. We just had new window treatments installed last week, you can't really tell but the old ones were the cheap pull down ones. We picked a Hunter Douglas gray color and the one over the bed is one giant retractable shade. In person the new ones really make a huge difference.

The curtains are from Target! I waited for these curtains for almost 2 years. Like, every Home Goods trip, every Target trip, every fabric store trip...I was waiting for panels that would work and not cost a million dollars each. So I bought these and rigged them up to work! Here's what I did. I do not sew but I'm a whiz with a hot glue gun. With the help of my trusty mini, I tacked some pleaters tape to the backs of the curtains to stiffen them up. Then I added curtain hooks at even intervals so when they hung, I could pleat them out a little. They sell actual pleaters hooks that create the perfect look, but the tops of these curtains were SO thick because they were rod pockets and I knew the pleaters hooks wouldn't work.


I had these gorgeous Pottery Barn rods and finials already from like a year ago and they sat in the closet and sat and sat. I can't tell you how happy I was to finally put them up! So those were the finishing touch and it's amazing how much warmer they made the room feel.

Now let me tell you about my bed. This, my friends, is why I actually LOATHE Pottery Barn. Even though I give them my money sometimes, I hate doing it. Here is the bed that I wanted to buy.
We knew we wanted a California King (education alert: California Kings are narrower than a regular King, but longer. That's the difference. Most people get a king thinking it's the biggest at 78" by 80" and in a way it is. But Jason had never had a bed where his feet didn't hang off, so the California King just gives that extra length at 72" by 84". A Queen and a King are the same length. Should the words for bed sizes really be Capitalized? I'm unsure.) Anyway, we needed one that didn't have a headboard that was too high considering the windows above. My choices were actually limited too because I was looking for the tufted, upholstered style that also had a footboard.

So after all was said and done I picked this one from PB. Or so I thought. Jason did give me his blessing but when I got to my check out, I just couldn't do it. The fees were too much to bear.

Then I checked Wayfair. Ahhhhh! This bed:

At this price.

Less than half the tax and the magical words that you can't believe all retailers don't offer in this day and age: FREE SHIPPING. Nanny nanny boo boo, Pottery Barn.

So the best shot, one more time:

Proud to say that's a completely undoctored photo, you can tell because the boys' red and green Lego bins are in the lower left hand corner. Usually the carpet is strewn with thousands of pieces and I quickly raked them up to get this glamorous photo. Just like the rest of the house, there is no hiding that kids live here. It already does not look like this anymore! I'll have to save this post to remind me ;)

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