21 June 2017

School's out!

Well both boys are officially out for the summer as of last Friday!

Let's do Alex first - he's been done for a few weeks actually. Before and After:

Alex changed a lot this year, oh man. Miss Tammy's was positively the most perfect place for him. He "grew up" so much, in terms of his speech and his overall sense of self. That happens anyway at this age, between 2 and 3, but still. He owned it! I admit I felt pretty disconnected from his life at Miss Tammy's because Jason always did drop-off and Jen always did pick-up, but I got nothing but glowing reports on his sociability and lovable personality. A+ for Alex! The day after the official "last day" Miss Tammy had a little petting zoo and a party, Jen took him and these are just cute photos from that :)

Next stop: Community Nursery School in Wayland in the fall!

Now - Ashton! Ashton has been at Belmont Nursery School for THREE years. We kept him there even after we moved and he commuted with me 3 days a week for almost two full school years. There were two main factors: first, the cost. It was like half the price of the schools in Natick/surrounding area for the same days/times. And second, this year, he had Mrs. Cooney! She is a phenomenal teacher and when we made the decision to hold him back, I knew her class would be perfect. Junior Kindergartens or transitional Kindergartens are very hard to find. In Mrs. Cooney's class, every student was 5 years old by December 31 so Ashton really was in a group of true peers. Before and After:

Notice my hack sign done frantically at the last minute on Friday hahaha. And Alex didn't even have a sign. Parents are always so much more prepared at the beginning of the year lol. Anyway after the picture we all piled in the car and drove to Belmont for the final time for his graduation. First all the children gave a musical performance (behold the sound of music) and then here is Ashton getting his certificate:

 Proud parents! Alex was crying in the corner and in an inexplicably bad mood so, oh well.

And that's it! Next stop is KINDERGARTEN at Lilja Elementary in Natick. But we have lots planned before September comes - Summer 2017, let's do this!

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  1. I'm smiling ear to ear reading this, can't wait to see the boys! So handsome too :) auntie kari