13 November 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a really great weekend in the Nill household! Ashton's skin has cleared up 100% and he has that soft squishy baby skin for the first time basically since he was born. Even his cheeks glow :) He has a couple little spots/scratches left though, I'll take it!

 You can tell he is a much happier baby and I have felt so relieved. He gave me the best present ever for my 31st birthday yesterday, SLEEP!! He went down at 6:30 pm, woke up once at 1 am to eat, and then back down from 1:23 am to almost 7 am. Amazing. I feel as if we have turned a corner.
So back to the weekend overall! Jason's parents came up for a visit and Friday night we went to dinner at Anthem with Katie. Ashton was a little star, I was worried about him being out past his bedtime and therefore melting down in the middle of the restaurant, but he did great. Saturday was my birthday and I had a wonderful day. I worked at the bridal shop until about 5:30 pm, sold lots of dresses and it was a very high-energy, busy Saturday. Came home to presents, wine, and a set of grandparents very eager to babysit so Jason and I could go out! So, we went on a date :) Dinner at City Table in the Lenox (where I was careful and glad I asked about sesame seeds, eggs, and nuts being in things because they sneakily were) and then City Bar for a nightcap and back home by midnight. It felt so good to get dressed up and have a reason to do my makeup for once haha. Today was much more lowkey and we just hung out. Ashton played in his swing for awhile and I did laundry, which is just neverending. Looking forward to this week, Katy Perry concert on Tuesday which will be a fun night out too! I feel more and more like my old self and in general like I have it together now, I hope it sticks! Good night everyone xox
oh p.s. for those that have asked, at his pediatrician appt on Friday he weighed 14 lbs 5 oz!

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  1. GrandMa & Pa had a great time this weekend w/ our grandson .He"s so much better than last time we saw him. He is such a beautiful baby and we cant wait till Christmas to see him again. Keep on rolling Ashton...

    Love G&P