11 November 2011


We got the results of Ashton's allergy tests this afternoon. The list of allergens they test for ranges from pistachios to milk and for each allergen (about 20 total on the list) a numerical score is given. For substances he is considered not allergic to, the lowest score is <0.35 and it goes up from there. So if <0.35 is the lowest, Ashton scored 8.60 on the sesame seed allergen and 8.18 on the egg white allergen = "extremely allergic". It's funny because it makes perfect sense. Sesame seeds make tahini which makes hummus, which I ate tons of. And eggs...last Friday, a week ago, for whatever reason I had lots of eggs that day - for breakfast and then an egg salad sandwich for lunch, and the following day, Saturday, Ashton woke up worse than I've ever seen which is what prompted me to take him to the pediatrician. All because of how many eggs I had. He also scored a 2.43 on dogs and a 0.83 on peanuts, which is mild. At this age, allergy testing can yield false negatives so I was advised to continue to avoid peanuts and actually all nuts. The good news is that dairy is fine according to the tests so hopefully I can start eating butter, yogurt and cheese again with no side effects. Ashton's skin looks better every day and I'm so thankful for the relief he must be feeling. The other good news is that these are the types of allergies that babies typically grow out of. Tonight we (Jason's parents and Katie and me) went to Jason's restaurant for dinner, I ordered a salmon dish and thankfully he asked the chef what was in all the components for the dish...sesame seed oil and tahini...soooo obviously i ended up with something else. I ordered ice cream too for dessert and then realized I couldn't eat that either! Eating egg-free from now on also means being careful about pasta/spreads/dressings and specifically, no baked goods, which is a blessing in disguise haha. No one ever REALLY needs a cupcake or a doughnut. But as of right now, almost midnight on Friday night on 11/11/11, our little boy Ashton is fast asleep in his crib. How could I ask for anything more? Good night everyone!

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