28 November 2011

Baby's first haircut

Just got back from a quick trip to Vermont - two very important things happened. First, I ate something that triggered a relapse in Ashton's rash/eczema, I have retraced my steps over and over and I can't for the life of me figure out what it was. I'm wondering if I had something new altogether somehow that he reacted poorly to. Thankfully we are seeing the allergist on Wednesday. For now, he had all his special lotions and bath and is sleeping, I could tell earlier though he was cranky and rubbing his face so was likely uncomfortable. Second, we buzzed his head! What little newborn hair he had left was so long and wispy, it  was hard to scrub his cradle cap and also tended to get knotted, Ashton would pull it out with his little fists on the sides of his head, etc. So...BZZZZZ!! It actually looks much better and we now have his first little locks to put in his baby book.

Here is the before picture at Thanksgiving:

During and after:

He has a big bald spot too where he rubs his head against the mattress. At least with this new haircut it is a little less...pronounced :)

Looks like we are going Christmas shopping tomorrow, hopefully Ashton can sit on Santa's lap for the first time!


  1. The picture with his wide eyes is so priceless, thank you for the laugh! Tell him he looks very handsome with his new haircut. :)
    Auntie Kari

  2. He looks like he's saying "yikes!" Too cute!!