25 November 2011

Dad's on vacation!

So today was the last day Jason had to work until a week from Tuesday! He has a solid 10 days off and we have trips planned to VT and NY to see lots of grandparents :) Hopefully everyone had a great thanksgiving, we were home, Berg and Karen came over and Ashton was a star. He wore his little plaid shirt with corduroys and sat like a big boy at the dining room table. My beets were a little chewy (overdone or underdone?) but all in all we had a wonderful evening.

And then today was a perfect 10 in terms of weather. 60 degrees and sunny, we went for a couple of long walks, played on his playmat and took Tate to the park. Ashton is really warming up to the world, he stares up at the trees and clouds from his stroller when we walk, turns his head when Tate and all the dogs bark, and sometimes I think there is just no way he could open his eyes wider. Totally taking it all in and he concentrates so hard on reaching for toys and watching his rubber ducky every night in the bathtub. He is thisclose to rolling over back to front and is just getting so big! We have an appointment with the allergist on Wednesday next week and will hopefully learn more about whether he will outgrow his egg/sesame allergy, etc.

Lastly, for whatever reason, I have taken to singing "Take me home, country road" whenever I am rocking him and giving him his bottle before bed and I think it really relaxes him. We are working hard on a nap schedule (definitely not there yet) but just this week I have found that the more sleep I am able to help him get, the happier he is. It seems crazy to put him down for a nap less than 2 hours after he has woken up in the morning but that's what he needs so that is my goal: to help him nap! He is far less portable than he used to be and I've had to say no to lots of plans because his bedtime is so early, but such is life as a mom! Every day that he grows, every day that his little legs get chunkier and his cheeks fill out more and he gets (another) chin (haha) I feel like I am doing a good job and doing all the right things. Jason's mom used to always tell me that after you have kids, "Your life is not your own." Boy was she right! My life is not my own anymore because Ashton shares it :) He's my little companion every day (well, and Tate) and we have so many adventures in store. Stay tuned!

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  1. The resurrection of the blog makes my day! You are a great mom, and Ashton is to die for. Lots of love,