30 November 2011

Off to NY!

Ashton sleeps in his crib every night but likes to come into our bed for some family time before we all officially get up. When I came back inside from taking Tate out, Jason had made the bed and had started to pack for our trip to NY today. Ashton wanted to watch so Jason made the bed with him in it:

And just to give you a frame of reference on how little he is/how cute he looked:

Aw! Anyway we went to the allergist this morning, didn't learn too much I didn't already know. He said it looked likely Ashton would outgrow everything, including the eczema, by age 3 or at the latest elementary school. However, he is so allergic to sesame seeds that that one may be life long. We won't go back until he is 1, not much to do until he starts eating solids regularly. For now I will continue to watch what I eat and make sure to manage his eczema during flare ups, which can happen from food or from environmental triggers. Today he is a happy little man and we are on our way to see his Grandma and Grandpa in long island, head into NYC to see the tree, etc. Will blog more when we return! xo

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  1. Auntie Kari says...
    Love his little arm rolls! So cute.