01 May 2012

Jason's Crawling School

I am extremely grateful to have a husband that has a somewhat unconventional schedule. It means he is home most mornings and we sit together as a family, play, have coffee, and hang out. Ashton does not crawl yet (which, for the record, I do not worry about - whatever he wants to do, whenever he wants to do it, is just fine by me) but we have had some fun "helping" him learn. And by "helping", I mean the establishment of Jason's Crawling School. This is a very exclusive program, extremely expensive, and has a reputation for being extraordinarily successful (don't you think ex- words make things sound sophisticated somehow?). Anyway, Ashton was lucky enough to get into the morning session and in the beginning, did not take things seriously at all.

There's no giggling in crawling! Unacceptable. Jason really cracks the whip and the program is so rigorous and top-secret that cameras usually aren't allowed. I was granted rare access this morning and given permission to post my pictures.

Ashton looked a little nervous before his first interval, like "I don't know if I can do this, Mom".

I had dressed him in his "Super Grover" pajamas (I mean, tell me a situation where a yellow cape doesn't help) and he had a very friendly welcoming committee set up on the other side of the quilt:

A mere three feet away. Surely he could make it. Jason assisted in position set-up:

And off he went!

A few critical seconds later, the REACH! They say that you can spot a Jason's Crawling School graduate by their exceptionally smooth motion through this movement:

Alllllmost there:

Annnnnd, the anticlimax. That's as far as he got. Poor baby was so pooped: 

Well, there's always tomorrow. And if not, I hear Jason's Crawling School has a money back guarantee ;)

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  1. Mrs. Nill , I think you need to get your money back from this whip cracking bully.He looks a little shady to me. Look at my poor beautiful grandson ,all whiped out on the blanket.Wait till GM sees this. I think Ashton could use a litle Hamptons time with GM and GP. He looks so big streched out on the blanket. Cant wait to see him . love yas