28 April 2012

Play session

There's no real story behind these pictures. We have a lot of playtime and today I just happened to use the camera.

One of the things that has me marveling lately is two books that my cousin gave us. They are touchy feely books: "That's not my teddy" and "That's not my bunny". Each book is a few pages, like, "That's not my teddy, its paws are too wooly" and then a picture with the teddy holding up his paws where the pads are little cottony patches to touch. In the below picture, the page is "That's not my teddy, its paws are too rough" and velcro circles to touch. The book goes through all these different textures and why that's not my bunny or that's not my teddy. The last pages in the two books are of course, "That's my bunny! Its ears are so soft" and "THAT'S my teddy, its tummy is so furry". Anyway, my point is that we read these two books multiple times a day and now, when I turn the page and read the line, Ashton reaches out to the exact touchy spot to feel it (it's different on every page). If he hesitates, I show him with my finger the place to feel and he copies me. This is truly the first instance of learning that I can measure and it's just so cute and so cool.

Happy saturday night!