11 May 2012

Catching up

It's been a little while since I really posted and I have an assortment of stuff to write about. Without further ado...

I have a new nephew!
Jason's sister just had her first baby, Ashton's cousin, a Mr. Owen Anthony Stone, on Monday, May 7. He was a perfect 7 lbs, 14 oz and 20.5 inches long. We headed down to New York on Tuesday and here we are together :)

Seeing Liz in the hospital and Owen's little ankle bracelet and the scrubs and hearing about the delivery definitely brought me back to when Ashton was born. It is absolutely one of the most memorable days of my life and more than once I found myself daydreaming about how wonderful August 3rd was. But let's not get carried away. Yes Owen is cute and all of that but did he make me nostalgic for newborns? Or anywhere near ready for another baby? Um, absolutely not. I was pregnant with Ashton for 9 months and in the last couple of days have finally reached the point where I have been unpregnant (postpartum?) for longer than that. I'll stay just like this, thank you. But in the meantime, I'll get my newborn fix from Owen :) He is so teeny and adorable!! I admit I have a hard time picturing Ashton that little. I'm sure you'll see his picture here again in the future.

A couple more firsts
So when we weren't visiting Owen in the hospital, Ashton had lots of playtime with Grandma and Grandpa, had his first french fry at Sip 'N Soda in Southampton, and said his first real word. Jason looked at him, said "Dada" and, after a beat, Ashton repeated it right back to him. Plain as day, no mistaking it. This would be exciting if it weren't totally infuriating. What about "Mama"? Who does Ashton think he is? I'M the one that he sees all day! Of course Jason cackled away and was all "Good job Ashton!" while I sulked with my arms crossed and a black rain cloud over my head. Humpf. "Dada". What kind of a word is that anyway.

More fake teeth
I admit I laughed harder at this than I have in a long time. Ashton got his first Pastina today (tiny star pasta) and I gave him a spoonful while I was getting his dinner ready. Well, two of the stars got stuck on his upper lip and gave him a top pair of teeth. I couldn't believe how long they stuck - so long that I went down to the car to get my phone (where I had forgotten it), fished the camera out of the office, and took several pictures and a video. SEVERAL minutes later, after I had sufficiently cracked up, I actually had to wipe them off.

In case the still doesn't quite do it, here is the video. Please excuse the drool, he usually has a bib on.

YouTube Video

I know I said it already but the pasta stuck there for so long, that's like WHY it was so funny. Anyway.

More 9 month stuff
Just to elaborate on my previous post, we had Ashton's 9 month appointment last Monday. I already bored you with his height and weight, but heck what's one more time: 20 lbs 15 oz and 29 inches. Since my good friend Chera told me that there are companies that turn blogs into keepsake books, I might start including extra material for myself. That way, when I actually get a book made, there will be more substance than Pastina teeth. 

Where was I. Oh, nine months. 

Foods: He has had all of his fruits, veggies and meats mostly, plus rice, oatmeal, quinoa, pasta and salmon. He continually has a hard time with dairy, he has thrown up cheese and yogurt when I've tried to give it to him so I'm holding off for now. In addition to his purees he gets various finger foods: cheerios, avocado, cucumber sticks, bagel pieces, tofu cubes, peas, banana wedges, etc. 

Toys: Right now his go-to are Mardi Gras beads. At his pedi appointment the nurse saw him clutching his purple ones and she goes, "Ohhh party boy! Did someone flash you?" At the time I didn't think anything of it until Jason later told me the story behind them. Am I only the only one that didn't know this?? According to Wikipedia: "During Mardi Gras parades, traditionally, beads have been thrown from floats into the crowd. But later in the evening, they are rewarded by guys to women who lift their shirts to show off their breasts. "Show us your tits!" is the common phrase that begins the "negotiations". It's not unusual to see women wearing lots of Mardi Gras "bling" as the night wears on."  For Pete's sake. Well, at least Ashton will be prepared. That's the most we can do as parents right? 

Mobile Activity: Still no crawling, but basically everything else. He sits up, scoots on his tummy across the floor, turns in circles on his belly and rolls for miles. He also manages to get around by sticking his butt in the air repeatedly, much like an inchworm. A couple posts ago I put a video up of him in his walker. Ashton loves this thing, our walls do not. He bangs around and explores everywhere. Jason's parents have a long hallway and we each sat on one end and took turns encouraging him to walk to us. It was the cutest to see him awkwardly wheeling himself with a big happy smile on his face. I melted. This walker is so fun, it also has a little snack tray so I put bits of cereal on it and off he goes, flinging it everywhere. He's like Johnny Appleseed but with Cheerios.

Teeth: Still just the two bottom ones.

Diapers: Size 3, but Size 4 in the overnights. 
Clothes: Size 12 months for the most part

Favorite book: Besides the touch and feel ones, he listens so intently when I read anything that rhymes i.e. "A goose and a moose together have juice, and a cat and two rats are trying on hats!"Silly stuff but he loves it. Just this month he truly sits and looks at the pages and the pictures while I read. Before he sort of did but would end up trying to grab the book and eat it or lose interest altogether. 

Other things of note: His sleeping is so much better the past month. He is usually on his belly and only wakes up once, if at all. I also finally turned his stroller seat out so it's facing the world instead of me when we walk. Not sure what took me so long. 

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