07 May 2012

Nine months

Ashton hit the nine month mark last Thursday but I was waiting until today/his pediatrician appointment to post some stats!

Weight: 1 ounce shy of 21 pounds at 20 pounds, 15 oz (70th percentile)
Height: 29 inches (75th percentile)
Head circumference: 17.5 cm (30th percentile)

We came away with some homework: namely to start brushing his two little teeth and incorporate lunch into our day (right now he gets breakfast and dinner). These are the pictures I took on his 9 month birthday:

Ashton's cousin is due to come into the world literally in like an hour. Jason's sister is in labor so we are heading to New York tomorrow morning for a couple of days. Full post, including pics of my new nephew, when we return!

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  1. DUDE his hair is the best thing ever. What a little cutie!