13 May 2012

Mother's Day

Well we all had a great day today on my first official Mother's Day! My mom was in town for the weekend so spending the day with her, in person, for the first time in many years made it that much more special for me.

So what did we do? Well, Ashton was awake at 6 am and I immediately played the Mother's Day card and made Jason get up. Ha. When I eventually got out of bed, I was greeted by flowers, a very sweet card from Jason, Ashton, and Tate, and the cutest necklace imaginable. I love love LOVE it:

Ashton picked it out all by himself ;) After breakfast on the deck and Ashton's morning nap, we headed up to meet my mom and Pat at Stone Meadow Golf in Lexington. Golf has been my new hobby ever since I realized how cute the clothes are.  My mom brought me her old clubs and Pat gave me a little lesson at the driving range. All moms got a free bucket of balls today - bonus! Afterwards, we drove into Lexington Center, got sandwiches and had a picnic on the town green. Here is our family photo.

After that and a quick frozen yogurt, it was time for Mom and Pat to head back up to VT, so we were home by 1:30 or so. Ashton went down for his nap, and I spent a peaceful afternoon at home until it was time to subject him to a "my first official Mother's Day" photo session.

After that, Jason headed off to work (boo) and we packed up and took Tate to the park to hang out before it was time for dinner/bathtime/bedtime. All in all, a beautiful day :)

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  1. Aw look at his beautiful full head of blond hair! Did that appear overnight or what?! Can't wait to hug and kiss him this summer!!!