01 June 2012

When Ashton was a bump

A few days ago Jason and I went to AT&T and finally upgraded his old cracked phone to an iPhone 4S (or, as I like to say, 4SSSSSSSSSS. They are so fancy I feel that they deserve the extra SSSSSSS). Despite having two iPods, two iPhones, and a Mac desktop, we, uh, don't have the cloud set up or any back up going on either. Nothing is synced or used to its fullest potential whatsoever. At all. It's like we have two pieces of bread, some tomato, lettuce and bacon; you could eat everything separately I guess, but isn't it better if you make a BLT?  So, "make a figurative sandwich out of our Apple products" is on the project list. In the meantime, Jason finally took the thousands of pictures off of his old iPhone and imported them into iPhoto. I admit I had a pretty good time flipping through them tonight, the whole roll goes back to July 2010 and a lot has happened since then. I came to my first "belly shot" when I found out I was pregnant and realized I had never put the whole series together! Granted, we missed a week here and there and, depending on my outfit, I looked more or less pregnant compared to the one before it or after it, but I thought it would be fun to post what Ashton looked like when he was just a bump :)

39 weeks and the last one...

Oof. I am uncomfortable all over again just looking at those last few. Anyway, I wonder what other fun posts I can come up with by mining some of Jason's photos...we shall see!

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