16 June 2012


We have one of those dual exchange fans in one of the windows in our bedroom. Last night, I left Jason on the couch watching the US Open highlights because I was ready to hit the hay. I walked into our bedroom, switched on the fan, and ZOOM, this huge beetle was rocketed into our bedroom at warp speed! It must have been hanging out on the propeller, not knowing it had a ticket to ride. I mean this thing was in our room so fast that before I knew what was happening, I grabbed the nearest flipflop and smacked it. As it lay dead on the windowsill, I ran into the living room flapping my arms and shrieking, "Babe! This HUGE beetle just came through the fan into our bedroom! I turned it on and it popped right out. I killed it! It was HUGE!"

At this point, Jason gave what most people would call an unmoved reply. "Oh you did? You killed it?" I said, hesitantly, "Um, obviously!" What was I supposed to do? Name it and invite it under the covers? Couldn't he appreciate that this HUGE beetle came out of nowhere and into our room like a bat out of hell? And I saved us from it. Why wasn't this a big deal?!

I got a piece of tissue and disposed of the beetle. I stood quietly in the bedroom for a second, then walked back into where Jason was watching TV and admitted, "Actually, by HUGE beetle I really meant a regular sized one." Without looking up from golf, he said, "Yeah, I figured it must have been pretty small if it fit through the fan in the first place."

Well. Resigned, I plodded back into the bedroom. My unflappable husband.

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