07 June 2012

Double Digits

Last Sunday, June 3rd, Ashton hit his 10 month birthday! He now weighs 22 lbs 5 oz, and we are squeezing his little tush into the last of our size 3 diapers before moving on to size 4. I am buying pretty much all 12-18 month clothes, not surprising considering how much this baby eats! He still nurses three times a day, plus an 8 oz bedtime bottle, plus breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus snacks. Oy. [Note to self: buy stock in Cheerios.] I am having a lot of fun with him with food. Being careful of his allergies, I like to give him tastes of whatever it is that I am having. I gave him a spoonful of my key lime italian ice the other day, you can imagine between the cold and the tart how tightly his little face puckered up haha. I died laughing.

Mobility wise he is still not doing the up-on-all-fours crawling; I honestly wonder if his version of crawling is pulling himself army-style across the floor. He can go from his back to his front to sitting up to rolling over...he's all over the place, I'm tired just watching him. He is also starting to try and pull himself up on things- we had to drop his crib all the way down yesterday. We have been walking in to find him sitting there with his hands on the rails trying to stand with an "I'm outta here" expression on his face. We set him back considerably by lowering the mattress.

And the curiosity! Anything he is not supposed to have, he wants. Cords, plants, remotes, phones, vacuum hoses, Tate's stuff, etc. I'm still in denial and haven't babyproofed yet, although I have broached a subject with Jason that I swore I never would: taking down the dining room table and turning that room into a *gasp*... play area. I can gate him in, get some more mats and toys...voila. I'm generally horrified by this thought because I don't do well with messiness or things strewn about. But, I've just about swallowed the very large "it's not about me anymore" pill and I feel like if Ashton would like it, I should do it. In the meantime, I actually have more fun than I should by taking a whisk or basting bulb and putting it on the floor some distance away and making him crawl for it. I also sometimes leave him on the rug in the nursery, walk to the kitchen and call his name for him to follow me. He does :) My little puppy.

General adventures this month, besides his first Mother's Day and his new car, include but are not limited to:

Meeting his uncle Erik for the first time!

Seeing some animals at Drumlin Farm - this is an unfortunate angle but there you have it

We also met the piglets, cows, sheep and chickens. 

Lots of playing! A date with his little friend Brooklynn.

So cute. Until things went south...

Oh dear. Ashton got a good-sized lecture on the way home about how to treat the ladies. 

We visited the ball pit at Knucklebones

And did some general exploration around the house

He likes to end his day with a drive after dinner so we've done LOTS of loops around the neighborhood - again with the oh-so-cool arm drape!

What else? Oh, now when he goes out to restaurants, he sits at the table in his highchair like a big boy

He loves to be the one to walk Tate

Some quality man time:

And lastly, general 10 month cuteness.

I think this shirt might be too small ;) Hope this post gave everyone their picture fix for awhile!


  1. Love the updates! Who needs a dining room anyway?

  2. After a long, grueling 11 hour work day, this blog has completely wiped away all the stress...for a few brief moments anyway. :) xoxo