03 April 2012

8 months and a breakthrough!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the news you've all been waiting for. Yes, it's happened. Ashton SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT LAST NIGHT!! And by that I mean, 7 pm until 7:15 am. He woke up once around 1:30 am, fussed for a minute or two, and put himself back to sleep. Of course I woke up in a panic around 6:30 am, checked the monitor and realized that Jason had switched it OFF when he came home at 3 am. So, if Ashton woke up crying sometime between 3 am and 6:30 am, I was none the wiser. (At this moment I'm torn between publicly chastising Jason for doing something so deliberate and irresponsible and thanking him for doing it so I could sleep. Lately, I have been resorting to this set-up in order to function:

So actually, to Jason: I'm (gulp) glad you turned the monitor off last night. I have felt more rested today than I have in a long time.))

Where was I. Oh, Ashton slept until 7:15 am, smiled at me when I went in to get him from his crib, and we've had a great day. However, I'm under no illusions that this miracle of miracles will ever happen again. In fact, the night before all of his monthly birthdays, he tricks me and sleeps great. The next night, it's back to his old ways. I wonder if he giggles to himself and thinks haha last night was so funny, I pretended to sleep and she woke up so happy. Well, we'll see about that. [Commence wailing]

So, 8 months. I had Ashton fill out the usual questionnaire:

Favorite food: Pear cinnamon oatmeal. Also Puffs and Cheerios. He gums these things to a sticky pulp and the best part is, it takes him a solid 45 seconds per piece. Very good time waster, cereal is.

Favorite drink: breastmilk. Stirred, not shaken, and preferably fresh, not frozen.

Favorite toy: his musical firetruck. This is an "age 12 months" toy that Grandma gave him. Naturally, Ashton is a genius to be playing with it at a mere 8 months. Next up, Mensa.

Sitting up: Yes!
Crawling: No. But this kid loves to exercise:

Teeth: Yes! Bottom teeth are poking through and damn those things are sharp. This might as well be Jason and I:

Either that or we have the next Edward Cullen on our hands.

Diapers: still size 3's and still Costco's finest.

Favorite song: Anything that we can personalize. You know the Oscar Meyer weiner song? Now, it's "My baby has a first name, it's A-SH-T-O-NNNNN" (credit: Jason. I haven't been that creative, refer to coffee cartoon above.)

Other hobbies: long walks in the stroller, baths, trying to get Tate to like him and watching The View (haha, just kidding.)

Every month that goes by is, for me, a big deal. Here are pictures of Ashton just days before he turned 8 months:

I managed to catch up with him this morning, on his 8 month birthday, right after hair and makeup:

(Shirt by OshKosh B'Gosh. Wardrobe credit: Auntie Kari)

I asked him why he looked so worried. He said he was concerned about the camo pants and that the whole outfit might look a little too metro. I told him he was just like his dad. ;)

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