27 March 2012

A parade and a shower (not the rain kind!)

Jason is from Hampton Bays, NY (Long Island) and it's a place we love to visit. I'm sure I've mentioned that here before. We went down this past weekend for his sister Melissa's baby shower (aka Ashton's Aunt Lizzie, who has also been mentioned here before. Actually, now would be a good time to comment in advance on this post: I am so sleep-deprived that I don't anticipate being able to come up with my usual Pulitzer-worthy material. I might rely mostly on pictures this time. And in those pictures you'll notice Ashton has a new rash on his cheeks. :( ).

Anyway, after screaming down to the ferry on Friday night (7 pm was the last boat and we barely made it),  we woke up Saturday to go to the Hampton Bays St. Patrick's Day parade (typically the weekend after the actual holiday). The whole town was there, we saw lots of Jason's friends, had corned beef sandwiches and drank beer out of green cups (obvi). Ashton got in the spirit as well with his green polo and "Irish for the day!" pin:

For some reason the bagpipers failed to make an impression:

Other parade pics - me and Katie (yes, she is my Boston friend, but her brother lives in Southampton and she was visiting. Perfect timing!):

The main line through town:

The stroller pulling double-duty as the bar. Is there anything this thing doesn't do?!

Ashton, Aunt Lizzie, Grandma and Grandpa:

Ashton got a duckie somehow from one of the paraders and he held onto that thing all day, it was really cute. We put it on a necklace for him. Here he is about two hours later:

And lastly, me with Jason :)

Sunday we got up and it was baby shower day! Melissa is due 5/5/12 with a little boy. Here are the parents to be :)

Other shower pics:

Aunt Lizzie I can't wait for my cousin!

Hard to believe that the next time I see Liz she will be a mom too!! And I will be an aunt! 6 weeks!! Watching her open all the baby clothes definitely made me think back to my pregnancy and how much I anticipated Ashton's arrival. Such an exciting time and I can't wait to share it with her :)

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