11 December 2011

Weekend recap!

Let's seeee...where to begin. I have finally emerged from the funk I have been in the past couple days. Truth be told, I was getting very spoiled having Jason around all the time for his 10 days off and felt very sorry for myself when he had to go back to work. Thankfully all is back to normal and we are getting into a new, good routine. Our focus this week has really been napping. Most babies don't work things out consistently until 6 months but it never hurts to get a head start. It truly is amazing, the days that Ashton has good naps he is sooo much happier, alert, content and pleasurable to be around. It's so funny, before I had a baby I was like, "what is the big deal about naps?" and it turns out they can be pretty hard to come by even when they are so important. When Ashton is napping, our house is very much like a library. If one of us makes a noise, the other follows with a quick "SHHHH!!!" even if it's accidental. If you happen to call and I whisper and sound like I am trying not to wake a baby up, chances are it's because I'm trying not to wake a baby up haha. We talk very quietly like this and sometimes even quieter like this - it's that important to me that his sleep does not get interrupted.

Anyway, here is the big announcement for tonight: I am officially on Ashton's schedule. The first few months where I could tote him anywhere and he'd sleep and be fine are over. I've lately had to say no to many wonderful invitations (walks, dinners, parties, etc.) because they interfere with his nap schedule (ideally three 1.5-2 hour naps every day, with bedtime beginning at 6 pm). I am now free between 2 pm and 3:30 pm every day and that's it haha. But really, um, seriously. Oh, and after 7 pm and that's if you come to my house because Jason's usually at work. If I'm going to have an easy go of things later on, this is the time to be vigilant. Ashton needs to learn how to sleep on his own, without nursing, without rocking, etc. He will be a much happier baby because of it and much more secure. So it's my top priority right now and I'd just like to say to everyone who is kind enough to ask me to do things, if I ever have to say no it is certainly not because I don't want to go to brunch, come over for football, or go shopping. I would love love LOVE to, but often it might not work out timing wise :-/ Luckily I have such wonderful friends who I know understand this but I just wanted to say it for the record.

In other news, Ashton tried solid food today! "Solid" "food". It was basically rice dribble and I admit I tried it and it was terrible. I actually had to go get a drink of gatorade to take the taste out of my mouth. No wonder he spit most of it right back out, couldn't blame him. Hmmm. We'll try again tomorrow but I might do a bit of research to see if there's anything else we could give him. And then we went to Kings for Berg's birthday (happy birthday Uncle Berg!). I didn't bowl (out of courtesy for the others, I am THAT good ;) ) but we were there for a good two hours (3-5 pm) before Ashton turned into a pumpkin. There was no late afternoon nap and it became quite obvious why he was cranky! Our time was up and we headed home. Jason is off today so right now we are having my favorite kind of night: the tree is lit up, football is on (go GMEN in another half hour!), the baby is asleep, the house is toasty and warm and I'm about to get into my pj's and have a glass of wine. Merry Sunday night everyone. xoxo

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