26 December 2011

Baby's First Christmas

Merry Christmas!! We just got back from visiting Jason's family in Long Island for the holiday, we had so much fun! We didn't get down there until late Friday night because Jason had to work but of course there was plenty of pizza and wine there waiting for us. I think the best part of the couple days that we were visiting was that no one had anywhere else to be- we all just hung out, relaxed and enjoyed Christmas music, the tree, and plenty of yummy food and drinks! I'm bummed I don't have a picture of Ashton in his church outfit from Christmas Eve, he was in an argyle sweater, corduroys and bucks, SO cute. It was the first time he had really worn shoes and he got lots of compliments :) Anyway, after church, dinner and Ashton's bedtime we had QUITE the dance party...we have about 200 pictures and several videos, none of which are in any kind of focus but this one can give you an idea:

We were playing the music so loud I can't believe Ashton didn't wake up. He was clearly resting up for Santa because come Christmas morning he had a LOT of opening to do. Here he is, ready for action!

First one of the day...this was a new Santa outfit from Grandma, you'll see the hat in the next picture and later he did a full wardrobe change.

One of his favorite gifts was from Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Stone, the wiggle worm!

You can't see it but he was actually smiling behind the worm in this one :)

Playing with his new toy with Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Stone, and excited that they are expecting his first cousin on 5/5/12 ... Ashton will have lots of clothes to share! ;)

Uncle Chris got him a cool new sled:

And it didn't stop there. Grandma and Grandpa got him a new truck, lots of books, clothes... and plenty of kisses of course.

Reading a new book

In case you are wondering what Tate was doing, he was busy in the other room shredding all the wrapping paper he could find. He looks guilty in this picture don't you think? Like, who - me? What?

A few more in his new outfit and baby Uggs...

And one last group shot before Christmas dinner :)

Just want to say thanks to Grandma and Grandpa B for a wonderful Christmas holiday and for everything you do for us while we are visiting. We love you so much.

p.s. this is mainly for all the grandparents as I'm sure I am going to be asked about ordering prints :) The complete photo album (with way more pictures) is on snapfish.

Merry Christmas!

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