04 December 2011

Ashton's first Christmas tree

So Ashton's first tree ever was the one in Rockefeller Center last Thursday. Today we went to get his first very own tree, the one that will go in our house! Jason has had the last 9 days off (goes back Tuesday night) and it has been soooo amazing to have him home like this. He took about two days off when Ashton was born so this is the longest vacation he has had since we went to Block Island for a week in July 2010. Anyway, we have been all over the place, up to VT, down to Long Island, into NYC...lots of driving and we are ready to stay put for a while. Tomorrow's goal is to get all of our decorations up and the tree lights and ornaments on, we really have the spirit of Christmas in our house! So far Ashton's favorite carol seems to be Sleigh Ride even though I sing the same verse repeatedly because it's the only one I remember: "Just hear those sleigh bells ringing, ring ting tingaling tooooo...come on it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with youuu..."  I'm a very poor singer, I think I've mentioned that here before. Anyway, here we are shopping for our tree:

{editors note: this is not the actual tree we ended up picking. Too short!}

Pics tomorrow of the one we chose, all decorated and waiting for Santa to come!

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