22 June 2015

Father's Day 2015

Happy Father's Day to all the daaaaaaaaaads out there! The Nills had a great day, Jason was off and overall we had a good amount of family time this weekend which was such a nice treat!

On Saturday we watched Ashton get his very first "trophy" for successful completion of the 6 week season of Little Kickers. Notice the difference between his reaction to the medal:

And the snack afterwards.

We don't usually buy Pirate's Booty for whatever reason (actually it's a specific reason and that is that it's MESSY) and Ashton was like, on overload. So was Alex. He whined and whined so we gave him a bag too and he made himself right at home with some other kids on the team.

Highlight of Little Kickers 2015: the snack. Go figure.

Anyway, we snapped our token pictures and called it a season! A season that ended with Ashton scoring a goal but only because he picked up the ball with his hands, dropped it near the net and then kicked it in. Who says you can't teach soccer to preschoolers! We were so proud.

So then Sunday, Father's Day, it was pouring rain from the minute we woke up. Joyyyyy. Ashton opened all of Jason's presents (herb scissors, Natives, and a cute three-way picture of the boys that I totally staged last week).

That took all of sixteen seconds. Alex napped and then we decided to head down to the Museum of Science just like every other family with young children in the greater Boston area. We had never been and really had a fun time! My favorite highlights:

There was a ton to do there. We were all over the place and then it was time for lunch (pause for second family picture in this post):

I had packed it all up while Alex napped and it was definitely the right decision vs. buying it at the cafeteria. So there I am at the table and I look down and...

Share a Diet Coke with DAD! I said "Babe! Look at my can! I totally didn't even plan that!" And obviously had to Instagram that right away as my "Happy Father's Day" photo.  Then I looked at Jason's can and THAT one said Share a Diet Coke with a SUPERSTAR, which (duh!) meant me. Boy, our Diet Cokes were right on point yesterday I can say that!

After naps, the rain cleared up, Berg and Karen came over for a little walk and a barbecue and then we watched the rest of the U.S. Open (and poor Dustin Johnson's three-putt). I hope Jason's Father's Day was all he could have wanted. Jason, if you're reading (haha), I love you I love you I love you a million times! You are everything. The boys could not have a better dad and you could not have two sweeter little shadows :) 

So beyond lucky to be your wife. Life is golden, thank you for all of it, every single last piece.


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