10 March 2012

Snap Crackle Pop

Ashton demonstrates how to eat a Rice Krispy for the first time ever, when you have no teeth. Not surprisingly, it's a slow process, hindered by the fruit pulp stickiness left over from the chum bag he had just had. The little Krispies were everywhere, honest to god a half hour after I shot this video Jason found one on the back of my shoulder.

YouTube Video

Also, if you're thinking that's a ridiculous outfit he's in, you're right and don't judge me. It was laundry day. (Mmmm, that's a lie. Laundry was yesterday. But Ashton was scratching his head and I don't have a hat that fits, and as this christmas will be his second, this poor bib's career would have been finished if not for me.)

Good night all!

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