19 February 2012

What big everything you have!

Hi readers,
I'm sure you've all been on the edge of your seats after the way I ended my last post - what a cliffhanger! Would he or would he not SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT? Well, he would not. You can allllll let your breaths out now. I'm thinking Ashton will be waking up for a middle-of-the-night feeding well into his forties at this point. I've given up, or at least until the next time I'm so exhausted I start all over again and vow THIS time will be it. He's been throwing me a few bones lately (sorry Tate) and getting up once between 3 and 4 am, eating for 10 minutes and then going back to sleep until around 7:15 am. Heaven. Everything else is going so well though - at 6.5 months there are so many fun changes happening with him. He can sit up on his own, somewhat shakily, and I have to be careful he doesn't teeter over and hit his head, but he loves all his toys and basically anything within his reach is fair game. He thinks it is all his for the taking which is pretty funny. And he just finds everything so damn interesting - to be honest, I'm a little jealous! I'd love to be entertained for 20 minutes by a spoon or be totally fascinated, like "I can't take my eyes off this" fascinated, by a wallet. Things like that. I am starting to understand why children really can teach adults a thing or two about how to see the world.

And he is just getting so big! Is it weird that that makes me proud? I work so hard to feed him, make sure he has a bottle for when I am not with him, steam and puree his fruits and veggies, etc. that I feel like every little roll and crease on his body belongs to me. Even his little manboobs, on full display when he is in the tub :)

What else? He is also becoming more aware of other babies and this morning he was super into himself in the mirror (that comes from his dad, by the way).

I mentioned he eats all kinds of purees but the messiest thing going (thanks Grandma) is what Jason has nicknamed Ashton's "chum bag". For those unfamiliar with this phrase, it's a fishing term for a mesh pouch into which one puts "a living substance, such as minnows or mollusks, chopped or ground into pieces or a mash; or processed food such as dog food or cat food, which is distributed in the water to attract gamefish to the angler's bait." Ashton doesn't exactly get a living substance in his, he gets a banana, but it's pretty gross. The piece of banana pops into the mesh bag and then Ashton sucks on it through all the little holes and in the end, ends up eating it. But not without getting sticky banana paste in, on or between everything, including but not limited to: his bumbo tray, the side of his bumbo seat, his hair, MY hair, his nostrils, his fingers, his chin, his bib, his cheeks, the counter, the bottom of his feet and the dog. A complete mess. But he loves it so what am I going to do?

Pretty soon he will also be holding his own bottle (note: sleeves are still rolled up from the effort to save them from the banana chum bag. These are one of the few things that survived.)

This weekend, Jason will be taking Ashton to the Cambridge Y to start his baby swim class, otherwise known as "Shrimps". Officially, I thought this would be a good father-son activity while I am working at the bridal shop for the next several Saturdays. Unofficially, Ashton needs to learn how to blow his bubbles and I certainly have no intention of putting on a bathing suit in the foreseeable future. It's February people, and I gave birth 6 months ago. All around, not pretty. So Jason gets to take him. They've already started golf lessons too.

Life has otherwise been pretty routine here at 346 Trapelo Road. We are attempting to sell our condo again (for the third time) starting around May 1. We are out of space, and living on the third floor is becoming increasingly difficult: Ashton's carseat is only getting heavier and Tate is getting progressively lazier. I'd love our own yard where they can both run around. Crazy thought! Ashton up on two feet. Yikes. Maybe the chum bag isn't so bad after all.

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