14 February 2012

Ashton becomes a Catholic

On Sunday, 2/12/12, our little boy was christened as one of the newest (and cutest) members of the Catholic Church. We had a wonderful weekend, filled with family and love and I was again reminded how blessed I am to be so fortunate in so many ways. Ashton is incredibly loved and I couldn't ask for anything more. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day:

And with godparents Uncle Chris and Aunt Lizzie (28 weeks pregnant with Ashton's first cousin :) )

I like the idea of starting to actually attend mass. When we first were looking into Ashton's baptism, I simply contacted the closest Catholic Church. The Pastoral Associate asked us to come in for an interview and we had a nice conversation about the role of the faith in both mine and Jason's lives up until this point. She said she was pleased to meet us but apologized as she didn't recognize our faces. I cheerfully chirped, "Oh, that's because we've never been here!" If there had been a table, Jason would have kicked me under it. But I mean, LIKE I would lie in the presence of God! Sheesh. Anyway, I continued and I was honest and told her I more or less fell off the wagon after I was confirmed. How many college co-eds wake up on a Sunday morning for church? Not many. And then I moved to Boston and well, I guess I have been busy. She said it is a familiar story and that often times, marriage and especially children bring people back to church. We left feeling good and promising she would see us at mass (which, in retrospect, might turn out to be a lie. Oh dear.). I blame Jason's work schedule if it does.

Moving on, not related to anything in particular, two cute pictures of Ashton's bath before the big day:

We tried to tell him that the baptism was going to wash away any sin he might have on him, but he insisted on being clean for the big event.

Okay I think I'm going to bed early. Last night was night #2 of sleep training (round 2). We made true progress though: I kissed him goodnight and shut the door at 6:30 pm, and did not go in again until 6 am this morning. That certainly doesn't mean he slept that whole time. Oh, no no no my friends. He was up at least 4 or 5 times, but I did not go in. He had to re-settle himself and for the most part, he did. Only one big crying spell and that was for an hour at around 1:30 am. So, we'll see what tonight holds. Honestly, I go to bed every night wondering when I will be up. I've been exhausted for 6 months so I know it's time to really stick to my guns. They say by night 3 or 4 that babies get it and they don't bother crying out anymore. Stay tuned...

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