28 February 2012

Product Reviews

I have mentioned a few products in prior posts and thought I would share an update on how they have been working for me.

First, Baby Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit. This thing was instrumental in transitioning Ashton out of his swaddle. I really do give it credit. However, once we received our ScratchMeNots, we decided to let him go arms free - his hands were covered so he couldn't do his face or head any damage with his little nails, so we put him in a sleepsack and hoped for the best. Results? Ashton sleeps in the exact same position as he did in his Magic Sleep Suit (on his back, arms at a 90 degree angle out to the sides, legs straight). Oh well. If he wanted to roll over on his tummy, he could, and if he has a little itch, he can safely scratch it, so we are in a good place with all of that. 

Second, the Merry Muscles jumper. Turns out, Ashton's muscles aren't really that merry.  This thing doesn't make them the least bit happy. What I thought would be the MOST pivotal piece of baby gear ever is a dud. He doesn't even jump :( He's much more content in his Baby Einstein. Dismayed, I re-read the instructions on the Merry Muscles wondering if they had any tips. This is an actual quote from the section marked "Words to the Parent": "Do not be upset if your baby does not bounce very much. Some babies enjoy sitting up, leaning back, relaxing, and watching what is going on. The mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise." 

Well. Thanks, but I have a different $100 baby item that covers Ashton's "sitting up, leaning back, relaxing, and watching what is going on". THIS one is supposed to make him want to bounce!! Sadly, the company is way up in British Columbia and, given how long it took the product to get here in the first place, probably operates with soup-can phones and smoke signals. I'd have to send any complaints I have via pigeon and therefore won't bother. "Do not be upset if your baby does not bounce very much." Sheesh. They must have had enough unhappy parents to include that tidbit? And to name their product "Merry Muscles" of all things, what is that?? Sigh.

The good news is that I love my extremely overpriced Beaba Babycook baby food maker (which came from Williams-Sonoma, you expect that kind of thing from them). I steam and puree all kinds of yummy stuff that Ashton doesn't so much eat as smear everywhere. This was today's sweet potato/butternut squash mix:

I'm going to be pulling orange boogers out of his nose for two days. But no matter, I like making him his fruits and veggies :) It really is an ingenious little machine, cooking and pureeing all in one. I love it. (I should mention, today was one for the books: Jason went to Home Depot and brought home a microwave. We have never had one, and it's still in the box, but I'm pretty sure it will change our lives once we get it set up. It's finally time.)

Next, a few photos that I took this afternoon, just because. Here comes the token tagline of all parents: Don't I have the cutest baby in the WORLD? ;)

Speaking of parents: Jason took Ashton to his first little Shrimps swim class last Saturday! I'm going to totally put him on the spot to blog about his experience. I know he didn't get any good photos or videos but hopefully after this week's session he will have some cute stuff to put up. 

Speaking of parents again: here are a couple of us with our boys ...

I should have mentioned by now that Tate's return has been totally inconsequential on Ashton's allergies! He doesn't have the itchy, watery eyes that he used to and seems to be perfectly content playing on a floor that they share. I really think the air filter is helping a lot. The next step will be Tate's tolerance for Ashton's little fists - man, those things are like mini vice grips. They grab and pull at anything nearby and they don't let go. Poor Tate...his ears and tail... :-/ He and Ashton haven't been the best of friends so far. In fact, Ashton being born was probably the worst day of Tate's life.

That's all for today's adventures. I have a big event I am planning in NYC for my old employer on March 14th, so if the blog posts are a little scant in the next few weeks, I apologize in advance. Love to you all! :) xoxo

p.s. oh one more thing. That convenient mash and serve bowl? The one that was only $4.99 but whose shipping costs were about 30% higher than the cost of the product itself? Ummm, I really haven't used it :-/  (Don't tell Jason.)

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  1. Awwww, he is too cute. His serious face looks just like Jason...his happy face looks like you! Cute. And Tate is as handsome as ever :) Miss everyone!!!