25 August 2016

Another year, another blueberry

As the years tick by on this blog, I'm noticing I basically do the same post roughly every 365 days. There are the school posts, the holiday posts, the vacation posts, the woeful winter posts, etc. At this point I could say to myself, hmmm, what month is it? August? And it is a virtual certainty that, besides Ashton's birthday, there's a blueberry picking post in the archives. Yep.

2013 - working hard to fill up the container ;)

2014 - carrying a sweaty baby

2015 - carrying a sweaty toddler

2016 (no longer carrying anyone [choke, sob] - Ashton's smile though, that's something.)

So there we were at Honeypot Hill, again, picking blueberries, again. By the way, with Jackson and Adrian too, again

Same activity, different year ;) Honestly nothing happened except we had a super fun day- Honeypot has animals, a great farm stand, a tunnel maze and also a huge hedge maze, which we went into and I admit I started to panic because we couldn't get out! And we could not cut through because the hedges were lined with fencing. We kept looping and looping and finally found an emergency exit. I'm serious. The sign actually said "Emergency Exit". So if you're into that kind of terror, go try it. 

Alex ate his weight in blueberries the second we got to the field. I mean he was shoveling them in at an alarming rate.

I was helping him in the beginning but it was no use. My crop was decimated as soon as I dropped them in his carton. 

Ashton was much more fastidious and after all these years picking, finally grasped the concept of only the big ones and only the blue ones. 

Action shots from the 20 minutes this took:


Celebratory picnic lunch:

Followed by a trip to Wayland Town Beach to cool off with a swim. Not a bad day :) I tell you, I should rename this blog "My life as a cruise ship director". SO MANY ACTIVITIES! NEVERENDING ACTIVITIES! Come, embark! Our current passengers only complain about the snacks, which I have pledged to improve upon. Join us and please, call me Skipper.


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