14 June 2016

Pre-K Graduation

Last year's preschool graduation was a much more comprehensive post than this one will be. You know, with it being Ashton's first ceremony/certificate/all that :) This year followed the same format in terms of parent breakfast, then concert, then the actual graduation.
Perhaps what stands out the most is Ashton's size. He looks huge to me.

Last night I put him in pajamas that are a size 5 and his wrists and ankles were showing! He is taller than pretty much every other kid in his class and lately Jason and I can't believe our eyes at how big he is, the things he says, etc. I hardly pick him up anymore because he's too heavy! Besides that, there's really no place he needs to be carried :(  Luckily I still have Alex, who is Mr. "I want UP!" all the time.

Ashton can do so much on his own now, it's frightening. BUT, he is still just 4. I think I mentioned we are holding him back and he will start TK (transitional kindergarten) this fall at his same school. He has done great there and I'm confident it is the right decision. But considering Alex is starting a toddler program and we still have Jen, the 2016-2017 school year is shaping up to be our most expensive yet! What are your thoughts on a bake sale? Or maybe I can go through the basement to see what we could sell. Sort of kidding, sort of not. 

One last shot of our recent grad...

And we move on! June has been good so far - we "fished" for minnows at Wayland Town Beach (which is going to fulfill all the sun/sand/water needs of the season), Jason had 5 cubic yards of soil delivered to seed our lawn and make our garden (a very exciting highlight that I am still cleaning up after), the hose is out in full force, we have popsicles after dinner, ride our bikes, hunt for bugs and generally play play play! Oh, and Jason set up a huge golf net on our screened in porch. He got the boys real clubs too! Just what I need. 

Summer, here we come...!!

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