04 March 2016

I ski, you ski...

Ski lessons have been big on "the list" this year. I grew up in Vermont racing at Sugarbush, but I don't even have a memory of learning how to ski in the first place, so it must have been early! Almost positive I was dangled from the end of a rope at Mad River with my dad holding me back.

Anyway, Ashton is more than half way to being 5, and so far he can't ski, bike, or swim. Yikes. (He does ride with training wheels and loves to swim with a float, but on his own - not yet.) We need to get on this stuff. Skiing is a hard one to tackle because the lessons are 45 minutes away and kept getting pushed off (by the mountain, not us) due to school vacation, cold weather, etc. Also Alex really can't come so it has to work with our schedule. Jason stayed home this time.

Finally, last Sunday at 1:30 pm, he was Nashoba's newest mighty mite! It was a gorgeous day - I was basking in the sun watching Ashton in his mini group. It was an hour lesson. Overall review: it was kind of a zoo but somehow, not much happened. At all. A few times the kids were moved 3 degrees uphill by holding on to a hula hoop so they could "ski" back "down", but mostly it was just them getting used to having these funny boards on their feet. Ashton fell over a lot and crossed his skis several times, but by the end he seemed to think that was it because he said, "Great Mommy! Can I go on the big hill now?" and pointed to the chairlift.

Uh, no, you can't. Sorry sweetie. And then he got legitimately mad and threw a fit! I was shocked, he got super whiny and almost cried he was so upset. We talked about how he had more lessons and he seemed to perk up, but sheesh.

I'd post one of the thousand videos I took, but the truth is a snail could ski faster and you'd fall asleep instantly.

Nashoba called yesterday and said this weekend would be the last of the lessons. There is simply not going to continue to be enough snow! So that really stinks. Ashton doesn't know yet.

I'm on skis!

Look I can lift up my leg with them on!

Whoops, whoa, whoaaaa....


But still smiling, which is one of the best things about Ashton. No matter what he is doing, if he falls he gets back up, determined to do it better the next time. [File that under: things we can learn from our kids.]

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