16 March 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday to Alex!!

Our little Mr. Alexander is TWO today! Weeeeeeee!! Also, buckets of tears. How?? When?? 

Despite this mystery of "where the time goes", it was time for a party. Grandma and Uncle Chris were visiting so we decided to go ahead and throw the shindig last night. Alex wasn't going to know the difference and it's always nice to have extra singers considering I did not plan anything official i.e. no one else was coming over.

We ended up doing presents first because it was a long rainy day and quite frankly Ashton couldn't take it anymore. Proximity to wrapped gifts is a big challenge for him ;) Overall I was pretty anxious about Alex's big day because Ashton has not been handling birthdays well. He gets very jealous, wants to know when it is going to be his turn, etc. But we asked him to help us decorate and to get Alex something special to be from just him. This turned out to be a) a board book we have read a zillion times, taken from the shelf and b) five Hotwheels cars from our big bin of toys. But that's ok! Ashton wrapped everything himself and was really proud to hand Alex these "gifts", despite that they were used and not in any way novel. Alex didn't even seem to notice.

Alex's big presents were an easel with lots of new art supplies, and a baby doll and stroller. I wanted to get him those last things for Christmas but was veto'ed by Jason. So this time I found a boy doll and a very un-pink stroller on Amazon and went for it. He LOVED it, I died every time he went to feed the baby his bottle. SO CUTE.  

Present opening generally went like this.

"Here Alex, let me help you."

"Get all the paper off! Get it!"

"IT'S A _________________!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Alex! LOOK! IT'S A ____________________ !!!!!!!!!!!"

That was the stroller, in particular, but Ashton was actually excited about everything, and was always right there just in case Alex needed any assistance. Juuuuust in case.

The easel was great! I had suggested it to Grandma and Grandpa so I bought an Aquadoodle to use as a "canvas" in addition to the chalkboard and whiteboard it came with. That thing is AWESOME - any paint brush works in addition to the special pen, and it's just water. Even I felt like I was painting! 

Mercifully we had gotten Ashton his own gift, a new Lego set, and he kept Jason busy building that so Alex could actually play with his new toys.

After dinner, it was time to sing. I particularly love how 
1. In the middle of the song I tell Alex to look at Uncle Chris (who had the camera) - talk about wrecking it!
2. Alex is very distraught because he's dropped his fork.
3. Alex, fittingly, manages to blow the last two candles out for himself :)

 I'll be back next week to post Alex's stats and the rest of the nitty gritty, but as far as his second birthday goes, that's a wrap! He had a ball. He smiled, clapped and was sooo happy. I really think he knew it was his birthday! He kept saying "Do!" when we asked him how old he was :)

The world's newest two year old! xoxox Alex!!

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