22 December 2014

The world's next pop star

Perhaps not "pop" star, but "popcorn" star for sure! For your listening pleasure:

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My particular kid is in the middle of the back row in a red vest.

As you can probably guess, this was his school's holiday concert last Friday. All the kids, the Pre-K 3's to the TK 5's, sang their little hearts out. There was a series of little girls in tutus that did a nutcracker dance, another group in Elsa dresses that belted out Let it Go, and a myriad of Christmas and Hannukah songs. And every parent in the room holding up their iPhones to capture it.

So my overall thoughts after Ashton's first "semester" at BNS. I think his Pre-K class is too big. He does have 3 teachers, but I've really struggled so far with some of the things that I've noticed when I pick him up. In the beginning, he frequently had a dirty diaper, which I said something about and ceased to be a problem. But there have been a lot of other small things, which I'm not sure I'm justified in mentioning? I know preschool is not daycare, and I can't expect the same level of attention, but on the other hand he is only 3 and can't do a lot of things for himself. So I have some big decisions to make in January as to if he will stay. They are going to do a parent-teacher conference after the break which I think will help me.

But the concert was very well done, all the kids behaved and watching Ashton up there was pretty surreal. I told him so many times how proud I was of him and he smiled and smiled. I will say, there's no sound quite like 30 children singing :)

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