29 September 2011

Signing off

Dear Readers,
This is the end of the road for me with this blog. What is the point of having one if you never update it? I always feel guilty that I don't pay attention to it and I imagine I've lost most of my readership by this point anyway due to my negligence! If you are ever hungry for Ashton news or just want to say hi, everyone knows my email address! It does take me a day or two at times to reply but I am finally hitting my stride with this whole mom thing and getting more efficient by the day :) Love to everyone who has been reading about this adventure since August 1. Talk to you soon!


  1. Boo hoo Kristen but I understand

  2. I willl miss reading the blog :( I check daily for Ashton updates (I can't believe how big he has gotten) but understand stopping. It is a nice way to document all of his milestones bc its amazing how quickly you forget even if it has only been a few months and you only have a few readers. Xoxo