09 September 2011

Ashton's new stats

Hi readers, sorry for the failure to post! Ashton has been quite the traveler lately and we simply have not been home! Luckily things are settling down and we don't have plans to go anywhere for a long time - I think it will help Ashton get a little more in a routine, but it will NOT help my sanity as these trips have been so nice with all the grandparents and other family members around to help out, hold him, etc. I really am ready for fall though, this summer has been so incredibly eventful that I'm telling myself I'm looking forward to some downtime, jeans and sweaters, apple picking, cooler sleeping weather, etc. In reality if I don't have a semi-full calendar I tend to have meltdowns. Something for me to work on definitely.

Anyway, Ashton had his one month well-baby visit today! He actually turned one month on the 3rd, or 5 weeks last Wednesday, not sure how to count it. Regardless, he is doing great!! He weighs 10 pounds 8 oz, so he has gained almost three pounds since birth, and is in the 60th percentile. His little belly button and circumcision have healed wonderfully, he is graduating to size 1 diapers from the newborns, and the only thing left to conquer are minor cosmetic details :) His baby acne has subsided and is looking much better, but of course it has given way to cradle cap, which might I say is pretty gross. This morning we soaked his head in olive oil and gently brushed all the scales off his scalp and behind his ears, which then got caught in his hair and we had to comb it out. I think right now there are still some stuck. I mean, gross. But we are really lucky that is our worst problem and I'm grateful for that. 

Sleeping wise he is up every three hours to eat still. Pretty funny, Jason rolled in from work around 2:30 am last night and whispered, "When do you think he will need to eat again? I will give him a bottle." and I said, "Probably around 4." We fell asleep and when Ashton woke up and started to fuss, I looked at the clock: "4:01 am." Did I nail it or what.

Tomorrow I am heading to a friend's baby shower and Kathleen is coming to babysit for me! Biggest favor ever. I of course have never been away from him for that many hours but I have to start somewhere... I have told myself not to be super annoying by texting her every 15 minutes to see how he's doing (every 30 is ok right? haha).

Well it's a beautiful Friday evening, Jason is working and Ashton is sleeping so I find myself alone for the moment. When he wakes up we will go for a nice walk. Until then, laundry I guess? Sigh. Fast times at 346 Trapelo Road :)

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  1. We loved our visit with Ashton last week- it is so much fun to play with him, change him, burp him and even go shopping with him. I loved taking him in the morning and giving him his bottle. We miss him already!