31 December 2017

Christmas Day(s)!

Ok the last of my documentation which requires time sensitivity. Let's close the book on 2017! Christmas Day was as you would expect: lots of hyperventilating and wrapping paper carnage. Here is the video of the boys finding out that Santa came. Jason and I had bought them PowerWheels last Christmas, but they sat in the basement for a whole year until we decided to give them to them this year finally. Not sure why we made that choice but we did. Anyhoo. Now I'm trying to remember what the boys asked for from Santa. Ashton wanted "a box of diamonds" - he's super into gems and crystals and all that. Lo and behold, Amazon sells a lovely paperweight set:

I died laughing when it came. PERFECT! Alex wanted a play coffee maker and the Playdough oven, which were easy enough. They wrote several "lists" for Pete to take back up to the North Pole and I think they were pleased on Christmas morning, if you can see past the blur :)

It was a beautiful snowy morning and all was right in the world. After breakfast, we packed up in a whirlwind and headed up to Vermont! I have a couple random pictures that don't even capture the wonderful holiday spirit we all felt (for shame) and then some from when we went sledding the next day!

Subpar. I know it, you know it. Oh well. 

Overall I'd say we hit all the boxes for what one is supposed to do over Christmas vacation.

Deal with copious amounts of boxes, toy packaging and batteries ✔
Sit around in the house and/or in a car for long periods of time ✔
Visit with family ✔
Listen to the ten Christmas songs that exist, in all their 4,558 versions ✔
Count the number of days left until school starts (at least twice) ✔
Overspend ✔
Eat and feel fat ✔
Drink ✔
Realize your blessings ✔
Be Merry ✔

My holiday blog posts this year don't come close to representing what a truly wonderful season we had. It was magical. Ashton and Alex nearly burst with excitement for most of December and Jason and I had so much fun "creating" their Christmas experience - shopping for their gifts, writing them letters from Santa, having friends over for crafts and cookies...it was the best. I hope you found as much joy in this holiday season as we did. All our love to you and yours. On to the New Year... :)

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